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Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday Party Look

The pandemic may have caused almost everyone to shift to working remotely, but the holiday season is upon us—and as far as anyone is concerned, holiday parties are not cancelled. They will be unfolding with huge changes, however, especially since companies and organizations all over the world now plan for ways to celebrate the holiday cheer virtually.

Calling for a toast behind screens may not seem like much, but a virtual gathering can help solidify the connections better, especially after months of endless early morning meetings and isolation. Seeing each other on-screen in a relaxed and festive mood may not seem like much, but it will be a breath of fresh air you never knew you needed.

Presenting yourself virtually is paramount, especially since you’ll be attending a holiday party—a special occasion! You’ll want to dress up for the season, which will feel amazing after wearing nothing but loungewear during the quarantine period.

To help you leave positive impressions and pay homage to the holiday themes, here’s how to prepare for your virtual parties this season:

Little Things Make A Big Difference

The previous holidays parties may have taught you that new is the best route to take; having a virtual party at home does not call for it. If anything, simply putting an effort into changing your style for the holiday party will suffice, and your existing wardrobe is the best place to shop.

The little changes you make can leave a huge impact, such as opting for print, solid and vibrant colours, and so on. A nice touch of cobalt blue can help you pop on Zoom, while some gold accessories can help make you feel more put together. Whatever your choices may be, the idea is to step out of your comfort zone!

Your Ultimate Holiday Outfit Cheat List

If you still feel lost, fret not. This holiday outfit cheat list has been designed to help you find your way:

Make sure to choose the proper neckline: Your business meetings will likely have compelled you to reach for your buttoned tops, so for your holiday parties, opt for U or V lines for a fresher look!

Keep your makeup simple: Seeing as you’ll be sporting brighter and bolder colours, opting for your normal makeup routine would be best. However, don’t hesitate to elevate your look by switching to a brighter shade of lipstick, and make sure to bring a little cat eye for a more put-together look.

Never underestimate the power of a good accessory: Your choice of accessories will make or break your outfit but remember the context: you’ll be sitting in front of your screen with your microphone on, so never wear jewellery that moves too much.

Allow your hairstyle to stand out: Free your locks from the good old buns and ponytails—allow it to shine! A big voluminous hair can be the perfect statement, especially if you truly wish to be called #bestdressed at the party. For a more practical look—anything but the bun and ponytail! If you really want to take it up a notch, hair extensions will be your best friend!

Enjoy The Holiday Spirit

Virtual holiday parties may not seem like much compared to the real thing, but it offers you a chance to reconnect with your colleagues once more. It’s been a roller-coaster year, and you’d want to arrive at your best possible self—even if it’s just entering a Zoom meeting. Last and not least, make sure to have a good time. The pandemic may have brought the world to its knees, but there’s still plenty left to celebrate.

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