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Our Guide to Choosing Your First Hair Topper

Hair toppers are flexible and effective ways to change up your look. Whether you want to add volume to your thin hair or want a quick hairstyle change, they’re great ways to achieve a natural appearance. You won't have to cut your hair or resort to hair transplants.

As a first-timer, you probably have a few concerns about choosing a hair topper. You want to make sure that it feels comfortable, almost like it isn’t there at all, and that people can’t tell you’re wearing one. Here’s what you need to know about choosing your first hair topper:

Set a Budget

Before beginning your hair topper journey, you must first create a budget and stick to it. Prices often differ vastly between hair toppers, so figuring out how much you’re willing to spend is an essential factor. Do some research online on the different hair toppers and their price ranges, so you know how much you’re expected to pay. This will prevent any surprises when you fall in love with a hair topper but experience sticker shock.

Go For a Light Density Piece

A light density hair topper is measured using the size of the topper’s base and the grams of hair it has. The lower the density, the more beginner-friendly it is. These pieces often look more natural, which you can build on once you get more comfortable. Since these are lighter, you’re less likely to feel its weight. Other people aren’t going to notice the alternative hair you’re wearing, either.

Higher density pieces often have a lot of hair as they’re much denser. These also risk looking less natural. Until you have enough experience and knowledge to style it, it’s ideal to opt for light density pieces.

Choose The Right Hair Type

Once you’ve selected a light density hair topper, it’s time to choose one that’s made of synthetic or human hair. Synthetic hair comes as-is and cannot be dyed to fit your hair colour, which restricts your selection to the closest match. Synthetic hair is also shinier and is much more prone to tangling. However, the style stays in place much longer than human hair, even after washing.

Although human hair toppers tend to be much more expensive, they’re more durable and long-lasting. They’re easier to manage because they probably have the same characteristics as your hair and don’t require the special care of synthetic hair. This is an excellent choice if you’re fully set on the hair topper style and colour.

Select The Proper Lace

Hair toppers use different kinds of lace to go on your scalp. There’s the regular kind of lace, which has bigger holes in it. However, this makes the knots on the topper much more noticeable. There’s also the monofilament lace, which has much smaller holes. These allow you to have much smaller and more realistic knots.

There’s also a silk lace, which looks more natural, as the knots are hidden underneath. However, the lace may look unnatural as it’s often whiter than our scalp. Given the nature of silk, it also isn’t as breathable as other kinds of lace, which might leave you feeling warmer than usual.

Bring It To A Stylist

Once you have your piece, bring it to your go-to hairstylist. They are well-trained to work with all kinds of hair, so they can customize your topper to match your hair colour and hairstyle. This will save plenty of time, frustration, and money perfectly matching your topper to your hair, making it easy to slip on and go.

Since your hairstylist is well-acquainted with your hair, they know exactly what to do to make your topper blend naturally with it. It will look like it’s genuinely a part of your hair, and no one will be the wiser to question it!


Hair toppers have provided plenty of comfort and convenience to people around the world. Most high-quality toppers are so light that you can barely feel the weight while you’re wearing them. Now that you know how to choose your first hair topper, you’re well on your way to beginning an exciting hair topper journey!

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