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How to Get Hair Enthusiasts to Choose Your Salon

How to Get Hair Enthusiasts to Choose Your Salon

Pop icons Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have salon-goers scrambling for hair extensions across Australian parlours. With dozens of options to choose from, appointment-makers need to know why your salon should be their go-to. By upping your strategic agility, you can get your clients to choose you every time.

Tip 1 - Leverage Your Social Media Channels

Use your Facebook and Instagram pages to highlight your available hair extension products. Outline your services and create enticing copy accompanied by stunning visuals.

If satisfied customers have left a sterling review or two, don’t be shy—share them with the class. That in mind, not every piece of feedback will be approved. If you come across a disgruntled client, reach out to them immediately. By letting prospective clients know you’re ready to take accountability, you reassure them.

Tip 2 - Get to Know Your Salon Peers

While competing salons are often just that—your competition—there’s no harm in “making nice” with a few of their decision-makers. By having each others’ backs, you promote camaraderie and up your chances of developing a strong working relationship. If a salon recommends your products, you’ll know you’re in good hands around the neighbourhood.

Tip 3 - Educate Your Staff

Some salon-goers won’t have the patience to look up your social media accounts or online reviews. If such is the case, you’ll want to ensure that your receptionist knows everything about your hair extension products. Equip them with a primer of all the products you carry and train them with a list of questions clients may potentially ask.

Tip 4 - Clean Up Your Online Ratings

While you don’t have much control over what clients say about your salon online, give your Yelp and Google ratings the occasional once-over. If you spot any recurring issues, resolve them as quickly as possible. If necessary, reach out to previous clients with unanswered questions. You never know—you may even convert a non-believer.

Tip 5 - Let Customers Know Your Prices Are Worth It

To make a profit, you can’t take too much liberty dropping your prices. However, some customers will judge your services by the dollar signs that precede them. You can alleviate this problem by publishing social proof on your service page and providing onlookers with a comprehensive low-down of what they can expect. Compare your products to their market prices, taking into account your service fee.

Tip 6 - Offer Consultations

Provide on-the-fence clients with a face-to-face consultation and get a feel for what they’re after. Hair extensions hardly come cheap—if you can get your clients to a comfortable position and confident in their decision, a pre-consultation can go a long way.


Because hair extensions are all the rage, chances are your competitors are already doing everything they can to get ahead of the game. Staying on top means paying close attention to what your clients are saying and what it is they’re looking for.

Do you want longer, fuller hair? We provide expert hair extension solutions in London, Ontario. We carry high-quality products that can lengthen your locks in minutes. Call us today and find out how we can help you achieve your dream look today!

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