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Sew-in hair extensions are an excellent way to add volume to an otherwise mousy head of hair. Celebrities and socialites love the look of luscious locks—why shouldn’t the typical salon-goer enjoy the same indulgence?

Hair weaves are taking over the salon market, but not every product is created equal. Get the most of your extensions by separating the good and bad—and find out whether they’re truly painless!

The Pros of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Hair weaves come in all lengths, textures, and colours, amping up your look in more ways than one. Its standout features include:

  1. An Easy Change of Hairstyle

Nothing beats waiting to grow your hair out like being able to swap out your red weave for a blonde one whenever you feel like it. If you’re fickle with your look, hair extensions give you the freedom to walk in and out of your workplace with a different ‘do without having to put your locks through the pain of harsh chemicals.

  1. Instant Length

Are you tired of your bob? Sew-in hair extensions can add as much as 30 inches of length without the wait.

The Cons of Sew-In Extensions

As you’ve probably heard before, beauty is pain, and the mantra rings true with your Brazilian hair weave. What you’ll have to consider when it comes to hair extensions are:

  1. A Little Bit of Pain

A tight sew-in isn’t very forgiving. With that in mind, always let your stylist know what you consider too tight. If you notice stretching in the corners of your eyes or experience constant headaches, ask to loosen your weave. A correctly applied extension isn’t something you have to “deal with” or “suck up.” It should also rest comfortably on your head.

  1. High Costs

Virgin human hair doesn’t come cheap. Each weaving session will set you back about $150 and will likely need a touch-up every three months. Yes, it’s costly, but you won’t want to cut corners with a cheap weave. If you’re not up for the exorbitant price tag, consider clip-in extensions instead.

How to Keep Sew-Ins from Hurting

A sew-in doesn’t only add length or volume to your scalp—it also protects against harsh natural elements. However, if you find yourself needing to relieve tension from a too-tight sew-in, try to:

● Apply a soothing essential oil with anti-inflammatory properties. A peppermint or tea tree oil will ease irritation and treat any existing sores. Use essential oils three times a week as part of your regular hair routine.

● Keep in moisture with a steaming towel to the scalp. Water can help to create slippage, allowing you to adjust your weave more flexibly.

● Cut off threads around tighter areas, ensuring that each section of the track is still in place.


Long, luxurious locks are often the envy of those who love a bit of drama. It can be disheartening not to be born with a full-bodied mane, but sew-in extensions will likely do the trick.

At GT Hair Boutique, we pride ourselves on providing the best weave extensions in Ontario. Our services are quick, easy, and cost-effective and leave your locks looking sleek and healthy all year-round.

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