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Different Types of Head - Turning Hair Highlights You Can Try

If you're thinking of giving yourself a makeover or you want to add a little edge to your look, changing up your crowning glory can do the trick! You can do this by getting a haircut or simply adding some colour to your hair.

Colouring your hair can be quite overwhelming because there are different colour options to choose from. This can even be extra challenging if you’re having your hair coloured for the first time. If you’re still undecided about getting chemicals on your hair, you can always opt to sport highlights by wearing coloured hair extensions.

If you're ready to give your look that much-needed oomph and change, here are four popular techniques that can help you choose your next hair look.

Highlights and babylights

When you get highlights, you are only selecting portions of hair that need some lightening. Typically, during the highlighting process, your hairdresser will use bleach to lighten your hair and allow it to sit for a specific time. After this, your chosen highlight colour will be added.

A subtler version of highlights is babylights. This type of hair colouring mimics the dimensions you see in children's hair when they're under the sun. Babylights can give you a natural and sun-lightened effect that doesn't look overdone at all.

If you have thin hair and want to add more dimension or make your hair seem fuller, adding highlights or babylights will help do the trick. This hair color type is also easy to maintain since you'll only need to touch up sections of your roots.


Balayage is a hand-painted technique that gives your hair a natural and lighter look. This type of colouring is meant to provide you with an effortless and laid-back appeal . The term "balayage" is a French word that means "sweeping," which refers to the process of sweeping strokes that you do when you're getting balayage hair.

If you want a more bohemian and effortless look, this type of hairstyle will be perfect for you. Another great thing about balayage is that you can have it done to our hair extensions. This way, not only will you have great hair colour, but you'll also add more volume and dimension to your hair.


If you're ready for bigger and bolder change, ombré gives you a richer effect than balayage. With ombré hair, your roots are typically dark and get extremely light towards the mid-length of your hair to its ends. Unlike in balayage, where the change is more gradual and natural, ombré hair isn't as scattered, and the division is more prominent.

Ombré hair can give you an edgier and more dramatic look compared to the previous techniques. It takes less time to grow out since most of the colour done is at the bottom of your hair. This hairstyle is great if you want to switch up your look from time to time.


Getting your hair coloured is a fun way to switch up your look. If you're too afraid to commit, you can always opt to have your hair extensions coloured to give you the same effect. Now that you know these popular hair techniques, it's time to figure out which style and colour are best for you. Sporting coloured hair will instantly give you a boost of confidence, and you'll definitely make heads turn.

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