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Hyacinth Henry: Hair Stylist & Extension Specialist
Creativity, warmth, unpretentiousness are the qualities that make Hyacinth Henry a master of her art in the black and ethnic hair industry. With the resounding belief that “if you look good, you feel good,” Hyacinth unlocks an individual’s most beautiful and confident self at London’s Glamorous Touch Black Hair & Wigs.

Individual Consultations & Celebrity Style
Through individual consultation and a mastery of celebrity style tricks, Hyacinth attracts a fashionable and prestigious clientele, including Miss Teen London and Mrs. Canada. From bridal services to professional products, Glamorous Touch offers exceptional salon services.

Hair Extensions, Wigs & Hairpieces
Hyacinth’s own particular techniques include the custom creation of hairpieces and hair extensions to fit to the shape of each individual’s head. Your customized Hair Wardrobe may include hair extensions, clip-ins or wigs. Call us today for your personal consultation.


  • Black hair and beauty care
  • Professional hair and beauty products
  • Mixed or curly hair
  • Wigs and hair extensions
  • Hats, scarves, makeup and accessories
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